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Hoosier Creek Drainage/Farm #5 District Mapping and Benefits Assessment

The Hoosier Creek Drainage District encompasses parts of three municipalities in two counties - Town of Burlington and Town of Dover in Racine County and Town of Brighton in Kenosha County. The District contains 12,402 acres of land, including 110 acres of district corridor, consisting of 532 parcels and road right-of-way. The land within the District is predominantly agricultural with areas of medium and low density residential development as well as isolated commercial and manufacturing parcels.

The drainage system within the District includes 12 branch tiles and 7 branch ditches which drain to Hoosier Creek. These ditches and the portion of Hoosier Creek within the District add up to a total of 96,355 linear feet (18.25 miles) of drainage way. The 12 branch tiles add up to a total of 49,487 linear feet (9.37 miles).

The District was established as a method of generating revenue for storm water management and conveyance system improvements in which property owners are assigned, in part, a proportionate “charge” based on the amount of runoff “produced” by their property.

Racine County Board of Drainage Commissioners

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