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Waterford Drainage/Farm #1 District Mapping and Benefits Assessment

The Waterford Drainage District encompasses parts of three municipalities in Racine County - Town of Norway, Town of Waterford, and Village of Waterford. The District contains 823 acres of land consisting of 408 parcels as well as road right-of-way. 

The drainage system within the District includes several storm sewer and tile systems which all lead to a pump station located along Rockrohr Court within the Village of Waterford. The pump station discharges district runoff to the Fox River. The storm sewer systems within the District are approximately 9,800 feet (1.86 miles) in length. The tile systems are approximately 28,900 feet (5.47 miles) in length.

The District is obligated, under Section 88.63 of the State Statutes, to maintain and repair District facilities. The cost of maintenance and repair is assessed based upon the benefits each parcel receives per Section 88.23 of the State Statutes. Property owners are assigned, in part, a proportionate “charge” based on the amount of runoff “generated” by their property.

Racine County Board of Drainage Commissioners

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